Relevance is never standing still

Brand USP

All brands need a USP – you already know this – but how long have you had it? When was the last time you checked it was still relevant?

USPs are only effective if they resonate with your audience. Market shifts, consumer lifestyle changes and just the passing of time, can all have an impact on appeal and relevance – so never stand still.

A regular strategic review to ensure it’s still the right USP for your brand and your audience is all it takes to stay relevant. Then, be loud and proud. Shout about it from the roof tops. Championing your difference clearly and consistently.

Clearly – across every touchpoint, building that association between your USP and your brand, so consumers will remember who you are and what makes you different.

Consistently – giving them the reassurance that when they decide to try your brand, they are making a great choice.

Cutting through the noise in-store and online has never been harder, as brands fight for consumer’s attention. Talk to us about how our approach to brand identity, packaging design and shopper marketing will ensure your consumers say ‘WOW’ when they see your brand on-pack, in-store and online.

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