Doughnuts for a Good Cause? Yes please!

design and doughnuts

You may have noticed that we like a doughnut!

It’s on our graffiti wall, on our blog and always in our studio waiting to be eaten.

I mean, what’s not to love…they’re fun, joyful, shareable, and we think that Design & Doughnuts go really well together.

As if we needed any more excuses, this week (7th-15th May) is National Doughnut Week – yey!

And it’s all for a very good cause. Raising important funds for The Children’s Trust, an amazing charity giving children and young people with brain injury and neurodisability, opportunities to live their best life possible, by providing specialist rehabilitation, education and community services across the UK.

So, find yourself a participating bakery grab a tray of doughnuts and get involved – we certainly will be!

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