Spirit of the Wild

gin packaging design

Immersing ourselves in a brand’s world is what we live for! There’s nothing more inspiring than listening to a Founder whose passion for their brand and products is contagious.

It’s our role as a brand partner to capture the essence of this passion and craft it visually into a purposeful brand identity and engaging packaging design.

For James Harrison-Allen of Still Wild Drinks, this passion was to harness and capture the flavours that can be found wild in our UK hedgerows, woods and coastlines. His distinctive spirits use only the wildest, most natural, hand-foraged ingredients.

To help bring his products to a mainstream audience we balanced a sophisticated brand identity with hand-crafted packaging design – aligning his values and capturing his wild spirit.

Coastal Gin is the latest edition to Still Wild range. A dry, savoury gin, created using foraged seaweed, rock samphire, gorse, thyme, sea buckthorn and bitter orange – a real treat for the senses!

See more of Still Wild here

Check out Still Wild via their Website  stillwilddrinks.com and Instagram @stillwilddrinks

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