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Every creative agency these days has a blog, or a vlog, or a podcast.

We all have something to say, and we all want to be heard.

The fight for attention is intense.

We are no different. There is so much amazingly interesting and useful information stored inside the heads of everyone in our studio that we just needed a way to get it out. And then we realised that it’s pouring out of everyone all the time while we’re just chatting away in the studio.

So we’ve decided that the way forward is just to be ‘us’ – as real and genuine as if you were sitting in the studio listening to the debates that are happening all the time.

No matter the topic, Bite-Sized is a snapshot into the world of Episode Two. Our thoughts, opinions and the work we love. Bite-Sized and as enjoyable as our favourite sugar sprinkle doughnuts!

So, come on over every week to see what’s next.

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Noto gin bottle packaging design