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Sarah was astounded by the amount of waste created during bathtime, with three little heads to wash, the volume of plastic bottles she used felt excessive. Added to this, trying to get the kids to wash their own hair resulted in shampoo being squirted all over the bathroom!

Having seen shampoo bars in the market for adults, she knew this would be the perfect solution, but couldn’t find a child friendly version anywhere – so, the idea for Percy & Pop was born…

Formulated specifically for children, Percy & Pop shampoo bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, with a coconut base that creates an amazing lather.

Percy & Pop kids shampoo bar packaging

Designing better for baby

Parents are under constant pressure to do what’s best for their kids, and the choices are often overwhelming. Having great products developed specifically with kids in mind is exactly what parents need – and we love bringing these to life with a strong brand identity and engaging packaging design.

A brand built on 3 core values

Through our immersion and strategy sessions, it became clear that three core values were at the heart of the brand: Good, Clean, Fun.
So, we developed five differentiated creative platforms, each dialing up a different message – but all underpinned by these values. Each creative platform was accompanied with a unique brand identity and packaging design concept to bring them to life.

Percy & Pop Shampoo Bar Strawberry

Personality through identity

Brand identity is the key to recognition, not only in identifying your products in a sea of competitors, but crucially for making sure the consumer remembers who you are.
The friendly, script font we chose for Percy & Pop has been combined with bespoke ‘bathtime’ elements to add extra personality and reflect the product proposition. Creating a distinctive and recognisable asset for the brand.

Emotional connections that last

The ‘Bubblebuddies’ are the heroes of Percy & Pop’s packaging design.
These beautiful and bespoke, hand drawn illustrations are designed to engage and excite little ones, and win parents hearts through story and education. Building that all important emotional connection as the characters become part of the bathtime experience.
The soft colour palette we chose visually reflects how kind to the skin these products are – all made from 100% natural ingredients.

A sustainable story

Everything about Percy & Pop is driven by a desire to create a more sustainable bath time experience and so of course the packaging material reflects this.
Our compact box structures are made to be exactly the right size for the bars, so no wasted material. They’re also designed to be re-used for storing the shampoo bars.

We worked with Priory Press to produce the packaging. Their ethical credentials fit perfectly with Percy & Pop’s ethos and so the cardboard is Certified Carbon Neutral (using 100% renewable energy and sustainably sourced materials). The ink used is vegetable-based, so when the boxes are no longer required the boxes can be recycled or composted.

Percy & Pop t-shirt on kid jumping

These little bars are packed with big benefits!

Discover more about Percy & Pop here or follow them on Instagram and TikTok – join the Bubblehead revolution!

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