Reusable packaging…really?

reusable packaging

This arrived for one of our team. What is it? you ask. Our thoughts exactly!

Inside was a pair of sports compression leggings, in what appears to be a keepable case.

But, despite working in the packaging industry, we had no idea what the case was meant to be kept for?

“Would you keep the leggings in it?” “Is it a washbag?” “Is it to help justify the price?”

We’re still not sure, but it got us thinking…

At a time when considering the circular lifestyle of packaging is top of the agenda, is there pressure on brands to create reusable packaging so they can just tick that box?

It’s our role in Championing Creativity, to ensure brands put real consideration to the how and why of reusable packaging. Otherwise it’s a very dangerous road, where consumers are likely to just toss the packaging aside…and in the case of this example, it will be straight to landfill.

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