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If there’s one thing the team here at Episode Two share a passion for, it’s brilliant creative. Especially in the form of brand identity and packaging design.
For our ‘Be inspired…’ series we’ve invited the team to share creative projects they love.

Kicking the series off is our Creative Director Mark…

“I first saw the brand Plantation when judging spirits packaging for the World Drinks Awards in 2021. It wasn’t exactly hard to spot. The Barbados Rum edition really stood out against the competition. Not only in the rum category but against all the other packs on display. Unsurprisingly the design won the Platinum award hands down!”

Inspiring Illustration

“The hero of this design is undoubtedly the illustration; it’s simply beautiful. There are so many layers of detail that every time I look deeper into the artwork, I see something else I’ve not yet discovered.

The style feels like something out of an explorer’s journal. It allows me to feel like I’m discovering the flora and wildlife of the country for the first time – a design that keeps on giving.

It’s also incredibly eye catching because it’s so colourful. I’d normally say the combination of all these colours on pack together wouldn’t work, but somehow it does. And it evokes a real feeling of Barbados. It takes you to the place; makes you feel like you’re drinking in a part of the culture; gives you an authentic experience.”

Clear Category Cues

“There are plenty of traditional rum drink cues to be found too. The straw twine harks back to times of old when spirits were made in thinner glass and twine gave it extra protection. There’s also some classic drinks typography here, to ground the packaging and allow the illustration to take centre stage.”

In-Hand Experience

“One of the things I love about this design is the simple but clever way the label on the bottle wraps around but purposefully doesn’t align. Encouraging shoppers to pick it up and have a good look around the back to discover more hidden gems.

I was delighted to discover many other rums in the Plantation range and they are all designed and illustrated to such a high standard. The imagery is stunning, but to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of this rum design you really need to hold a pack in your hands and revel in its magnificence.”

Plantation Rum is designed by The Rooster Factory, Pasadena, California USA

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