Make your brand identity work harder…

In FMCG it really IS what’s on the outside that counts, and this starts with an engaging and distinctive brand identity.

This is your key to brand recognition. It’s how consumers identify your products in a sea of competitors, and makes sure it’s your brand they remember.

So, here are four ways you can make your Brand Identity work harder, and, as we’re in the business of pictures, some real life examples to get you inspired…

1. Be unique

In its simplest form, this means avoiding a standard typeface that anyone else could copy.
Create something a little more ownable – whether it’s an extra flick of a letter, some illustrative detail or a visual effect.

Using illustrative elements which are linked to what the product is, is a great way to create a smile in the mind, and start to build a more emotional connection with consumers.

2. Keep it clean

The simpler your identity, the easier it is for consumers to take it in and remember it.

There are so many other touchpoints to build and expand on your brand story, keep your identity design clean and simple.

3. Audience appeal

A brand identity that resonates with a younger Gen Z audience will be very different from one that appeals to a 50+ consumer.

Understanding your consumer and checking out the market for other brands that they buy will give you a great benchmark.

4. Put your brand first

Putting your brand identity front and centre helps build recognition and recall.

While product might be the most important thing to you, putting the product first on packaging is a technique used by retail ‘own’ brands, and a brand-first approach will deliver a much better response from both the trade and consumers.

When you want to take that brave next step and scale-up your brand, working with an agency like Episode Two means you’re getting all of the insights we’ve gathered over the years to really know what gets you seen on shelf and how to help people fall in love with your brand story.

Oh, and we’re pretty good at coming up with stunning creative too!

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