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Sustainability is, and will continue to be, a critical conversation for everyone, but is particularly important in our world of FMCG.

While it’s a pretty mammoth undertaking for the big, established players who have to change everything their businesses are built on, for newer brands there’s great opportunity to build sustainability in from the beginning – and we know there’s a real passion from founders, to lead the way.

But it’s such a huge subject, where do you even start.

Listening to a fireside chat with the Heads of Sustainability from Waitrose and McDonalds, at the recent Packaging Innovations expo, they were in agreement that if you hone down, circularity should be the key focus. Creating a resilient system that is good for your business, your consumers and the environment.

So, here are three great resources that could help support your brands’ circularity and sustainability:

1. Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A charity committed to creating a circular economy. They have loads of practical tips and resources to help build circularity into your business – from measuring your current circularity; to what questions to ask suppliers to make sure they’re on the same circularity page, plus a great podcast full of inspirational people and stories.

2. Foodsteps

Using climate science, Foodsteps easy to use tools helps measure farm-to-fork emissions, so you can clearly see your current impact; where improvements can be made; and use carbon-rating labels to help educate and inspire your consumers.

3. rePurpose

Despite the consumer backlash, plastic isn’t the enemy. It has its place, and always will – if used in the right way. rePurpose helps brands to do just that, through plastic footprint accounting, reducing the use of virgin plastic in supply chains, and running plastic waste removal projects all around the world. Supporting brands that need to use plastic, and helping educate consumers.

Sustainability is such a wide-reaching subject it can be overwhelming, especially when, as founders, you’re responsible for pretty much all aspects of your brand and business.

We wouldn’t claim to be experts in sustainability either, but it’s important we know where to go when needed, so we lean on those whose expertise is in this area – and we hope you find the resources above as useful as we do.

And, if you have a pressing question and don’t know where to go, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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