The kids are going Koko!

koko kids packaging design

We loved ‘shaking up the Koko nut’ for Koko Dairy Free with a re-design of their core range. So were thrilled when they asked us to look at another product…

…their Koko Kids Free From Milk.

Did you know that around 3 in 100 children in the UK have a dairy allergy, and an astounding 1 in 10 are thought to be lactose intolerant?*

With a taste profile that’s incredibly close to dairy milk, Koko’s Kids Free From Milk is carefully developed for children aged 1 and up. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and the recipe is low in sugar and a source of protein.

The core range re-design brief was to help reinvigorate the on-shelf presence of Koko’s coconut-based milk and yogurts. And the same was to be said for their kid’s product – but of course this design had to appeal to parents.

Working with brands across baby and child categories for several years, we know that parents shop based on emotion. Whether it’s conscious or unconscious, the emotional bias is always there, and so it’s important to build that emotional connection.

Our big, friendly, fluffy polar bear does just that. Chosen for his strong, protective nature, he’s the perfect animal to reassure parents that this is a great milk alternative for their child.

With new listings in the pipeline, it looks like the kids are going Koko nuts too

Have you seen Koko’s core range re-design yet? Check it out here.

*Source: Bupa. Jan 2023

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