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If there’s one thing the team here at Episode Two share a passion for, it’s brilliant creative, especially in the form of brand identity and packaging design. For our ‘Be inspired…’ series we’ve invited the team to share creative projects that they love, and we hope you find it inspiring too.

Here is our new designer and lover of caffeine, Danny…

“I’m a big-time coffee drinker and always looking for new and exciting products to fill up my cafetiere. So when this one caught my eye, I had to find out more.

Founded by gaming YouTuber Jacksepticeye (A.K.A Sean McLoughlin), and aptly titled Top of the Mornin’ (Sean is undoubtedly proud to be Irish) this is a cheeky and playful addition to the world of coffee.”

Colours and Typography

“This fresh and vibrant design is miles away from Sean’s original packaging, and I have to say, a much more accurate reflection of him. It ramps the personality up, all the way past 11!

With graffiti-inspired chunky block lettering and bright colour pops, the packaging really jumps out at you. The simple art style oozes personality and complimented with bright sunny colours and fun typography across the whole pack, it drives the vibrancy home.

This brand doesn’t takes itself too seriously, including the tongue ’n’ cheek approach to product naming, and I really love that about it.”


“I also love how the sun is drawn into the brand identity, just sitting in the coffee cup giving us a thumbs up. This happy little character reminds me of my favourite character designers, like James Jarvis and illustrator Roger Hargreaves of Mister Men fame. Used across all the brands’ touchpoints, this is a great brand mascot that consumers will remember.”

Social Media

“This brand is made for social media. Everything about it is dripping in Instagram cool and Tik-Tok virality. From the colour palette used and the illustration style chosen, all the way through to the strap line “Coffee so good it’s absurd”. You can tell that the brand is made by and for the internet savvy, social media literate generation which is helped massively by the already huge following that Jacksepticeye has curated through his YouTube content. This one is a definite winner for me!”

Top of the Mornin’ Coffee packaging design is by Earthling Studio, London, UK

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