Want to scale up your brand? Start with your packaging design…

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A strong brand identity and engaging packaging design has the power to elevate your brand and build stronger connections with consumers. If you’re looking to grow from start up to scale up, put your packaging first.

Was your brand launched ‘on a shoestring’ like so many new FMCG brands? When budgets are tight, packaging design is often created out of necessity rather than crafted with love. Now you’re a year or two in, your brand has the traction it deserves and you want to elevate it to the next level…start with your packaging design.

Here are five reasons why a packaging redesign or even an evolution, might be just what your brand needs to scale up…

Strengthen your brand

Engaging packaging design will strengthen your brand’s identity and make it more consistent across all touchpoints. It will create a stronger emotional connection with consumers and ensure you are the brand they choose.

Stay ahead of the competition

The FMCG market is constantly moving. New trends, new brands and general lifestyle changes can shift people’s perceptions of brands in an instant. Redesign or evolve your packaging design in line with the market to ensure you stand out and stay relevant.

Reignite existing consumers

With a constant stream of new brands entering the market, consumer’s eyes will wander. Revamp your packaging design and bring their attention back to your brand, making your product feel new and exciting again.

Attract new consumers

A redesign gives you the opportunity to increase PR activity, shout across Social and engage the Media. Widening your reach and catching the attention of potential new customers.

Build a story for the Trade

Retail Buyers are at the forefront of food and drink trends, and they know what consumers want from a category. Show you understand the market and are adapting your packaging to better meet the needs of your audience and you can build a strong case for them to list your products.

When you want to take that brave next step and scale-up your brand, working with an agency like Episode Two means you’re getting not just stunning creative, but all of our teams experience and insights gathered from working on brand identity and packaging design projects across multiple FMCG categories.

Whether it’s a complete redesign or simply an evolution, we can give you a strong strategic foundation to scale-up your packaging design and help take your brand to the next level.

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to have a chat.

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