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QDOS packaging design

How a templated packaging design helped build consistency in the constantly evolving and fast paced tech accessory category.

With an expansive range of products designed in the UK and sold Globally, QDOS is a market leader in premium tech accessories. Delivering high-end protection, connectivity, and power solutions, perfect for everyday use.

In this very technical and functional market, QDOS needed their packaging design to be highly effective, both functionally and aesthetically:


Hero the products.

Effectively communicate the range of unique features that each product has.


Cohesively bring together three distinct ranges – Phone Cases, Screen Protectors and Power products – to ensure a consistent brand look.

Reflect the high quality of the accessories.

Meet consumer perception of the simple Apple-esque look.

In addition to this, life in the tech accessory market is incredibly fast paced. With so many tech brands, launching new products almost daily, QDOS must design, manufacture and launch compatible accessories – rapidly.

So a key function of their packaging design is that it needs to be produced quickly, and easily adapted to work with new products that don’t even exist yet.

Always Ready for the Challenge, we loved this brief!

With simplicity, consistency and adaptation being paramount, we designed the packaging with a functional template system at its core.

Guides -positioning guides ensure that product imagery is consistently placed as the hero.

Fonts – have been specifically chosen to be clean and easy to read. Allowing for different text lengths and multiple languages.

Icons – we created an extensive range of ‘benefit’ icons, which can be used across multiple products.

The finished design brings QDOS’ three ranges together under one brand while reflecting the premium quality of their range. And crucially has helped streamline the creative process, ensuring packaging for QDOS’ new products can be created quickly, efficiently and consistently.

For more about QDOS visit their website or follow them on instagram.

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