Lip Smacking Deliciousness

confectionery packaging design

How a targeted packaging design helped a UK confectionery start-up break into the US market.

Passionate about making vegan confectionery that isn’t just for vegans, Sweet Yourself began in 2020, producing lip smackingly delicious sweets. All 100% vegan without compromising on taste or quality.

With traction building in the UK, their minds moved to the US, where the desire for better vegan products was starting to gather momentum. However, the confectionery market there is very different from the UK, and the founders knew they needed to change up their packaging to win the eyes and hearts of the American consumer.

Come on in, Episode Two. We loved creating these fun, playful and brightly coloured designs which make a bold stand against the US competitors.

This is just the beginning for Sweet Yourself. Follow their journey on Instagram and make sure you grab a sample. Whether your vegan or not, you’ll never look back!

confectionery packaging design
vegan confectionery packaging design

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