It’s what’s on the outside that counts!

Why Invest in Packaging Design

Controversial as it sounds, sometimes it’s all about how you look. Here at Episode Two, we’re pretty interested in that, because when it comes to packaging, the last thing you want your product to do, is fit in.

Looking great on the outside can help boost your brand’s presence and build stronger consumer connections. So if you’re looking to scale up your brand…start with your packaging.

Here’s a few reasons why…

Win their eyes and their hearts

A visually engaging pack can quite literally stop consumers in their tracks – and isn’t that what all brands want? Maintaining that consistent look and feel across all touchpoints helps build a stronger emotional connection with your consumers, ensuring yours is the brand they remember and yours is the brand they choose.

Stay ahead of the game

The FMCG market is, both by its name and its nature, fast. New trends, new brands and simply lifestyle changes can alter people’s perceptions of brands in an instant. Updating your packaging design in line with the market will help you stand out, stay relevant and set the bar for your competitors.

Reignite the flames

It’s busy out there. With so many new brands launching every week, it’s natural for even the most loyal consumers’ eyes to wander. Revamping your packaging will re-adjust their focus back to your product, making it feel new and exciting again.

Make some noise

Who doesn’t love a bit of noise around their brand? A packaging redesign gives you the opportunity to increase PR activity, shout across Social and engage the Media. Widening your reach and catching the attention of potential new customers and retail buyers.

We know that many start-up brands are launched on a shoestring and when budgets are tight, packaging design is often created out of necessity rather than crafted with love.

It takes creative knowledge, experience and insight to make sure a design stands out, so if your ready for your product to be noticed on a whole new level, we can help bring the WOW factor.

We’d love to hear more about your brand journey so far, so get in touch for a cuppa and a chat – we’ll even bring doughnuts!

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