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Engaging packaging design

Would you pick your own product off the shelf? Probably. Because you believe in it wholeheartedly and you know the story behind it. But if you put aside your brand owner lens and look through a consumer one, you’ll see things a little differently.

Without question, you need the attention of your audience before you can engage them, so how do you open their eyes and ensure their focus is where you want it?

It’s not all about you

When you’re passionate about your product, it’s tempting to shout everything about it – the who, the where and the why. The expectation being that your audience will sit up and take notice, and that they’ll love it as much as you do. Sadly, doing this has the opposite effect. It’s noisy out there in the marketplace and we are all busier than ever before. Being overwhelmed with information is a big engagement switch-off for consumers.

Do less, better

Typically, we can only digest three key points of information at one time. So, when it comes to packaging design, less is almost always more. Keep your message simple. Keep your visuals strong. Keep your cool.

Proud, not loud

Consumers spend meer seconds looking at product shelves, so your packaging needs to grab their attention immediately and stop them in their tracks, literally. This is about more than just being loud and disruptive. It’s reflecting relevant category cues so that consumers know what your product is. It’s accurately conveying your brand proposition. It’s knowing who your audience are and understanding what they want to know – all to ensure they engage.

Start their journey

Think of your box, bottle, can, sleeve or bag as a ‘hook’ to the start of your story. Once you have the consumers’ attention, you can use all your other touch points to continue the story and win their hearts.

If you’re interested in whether your current packaging is winning the eyes of the consumers you want, talk to Kate about our Strategic Brand Audit.

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