Wear your heart on your sleeve

the heart of a brand

At Episode Two we know it’s important for brands to build an emotional connection with their audience. So when it comes to packaging, we believe every product should wear its heart on its sleeve.

Packaging design is often the first element of your brand a customer sees. The very essence of your brand; the values you’ve spent hours brainstorming and refining; your story – should all influence your packaging. It should encourage people to engage, to absorb your messaging and ultimately to fall in love. It’s a huge opportunity to share your story.

Yet often it’s overlooked – which makes us so sad.
Here’s why your packaging design should never be an afterthought…

Every story needs a good hook

Your blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating this amazing new product. You’re about to change the game, become product pioneers, make history. But budgets are tight, so you decide to ‘make do’ with your packaging design until you’re in a position to scale up. You believe in your product, so it will sell itself, surely?

BUT, just because you’re emotionally connected to your product, it doesn’t mean everyone else will be. Your packaging design is the hook that will bring them in and make them want to find out more.

That’ll do, won’t do

Ask yourself this…Does your packaging design tell your brand story? Will it intrigue, pique interest and make people want to discover more? Will it turn heads, focus wandering eyes and win hearts?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ then think again about what your packaging design is doing for your brand, and explore how much more it could be doing.

Worth every penny

We appreciate that design is an investment, but engaging consumers with a physical in-hand experience holds real value. We know from our years of experience that great packaging design will deliver significant return on investment, no matter what size or stage of the journey your brand is on.

To put it simply, look at your packaging as another advertising channel – infact, view it as the original advertising channel. The heart of your brand story, leading the narrative and influencing content across all your other touchpoints.

There’s real power to be had

In our increasingly digital world, powerful packaging can help products pop on screen (as well as on shelf), whether that’s with creative colour, high impact typography or clever graphics.

Not only does good packaging elevate your product’s visibility on and off shelf, it’ll also help to generate and build stronger emotional connections with consumers. By using your packaging design to bring your brand story to life, you will win their hearts.

Here at Episode Two, we’re pretty good at putting a story at the heart of your brand, so if you need help in how to share yours through great packaging, we’d love to talk. Get in touch.

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