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commercially effective packaging design

At Episode Two, we love a good story and we especially love working with start-ups and scale-ups, where we can really help give your products the platform to shine.

When it comes to packaging design, we know that people shop with their eyes and engage with their heart, which is why your brand’s story needs to deliver on both those levels: to look good, to sound good. And to make consumers come back again, your product needs to make them feel good too. Because that’s what will lead to trust.

When your pack design, story and product quality work in harmony, you’re beginning to look at true brand engagement. And that’s the ultimate happy ending.

Your packaging design needs to win their EYES

Because your packaging design is often the first element of your brand a consumer sees, it should be at the heart of your messaging. A physical embodiment of everything you stand for. Reaching out and grabbing their attention. Getting them to pick up your product and engage.

So your brand can win their HEARTS

Impactful and engaging packaging design has the power to elevate your products onto a completely different level, building stronger connections with consumers and opening doors with the trade.

We’ve seen it in action time and time again (and we’ve been around a while!).

TRUST us to give your product the platform to shine

We know from our years of experience that great packaging design will deliver significant ROI, no matter what size or stage of the journey your brand is on. So, whilst great design does come at a cost, you can trust us that the payoff is worth it.

At Episode Two we believe impactful and commercially effective packaging design should be accessible for any ambitious entrepreneur – so you might find that our costs are not be as high as you think. We love collaborating directly with founders whose passion for their products is contagious and where our expertise can make a huge difference.

We’re a friendly bunch with bundles of experience in FMCG. Between us we’ve collected enough insight over the years to know what really gets you seen on shelf and how to help people fall in love with your story. Oh, and we’re pretty good at coming up with stunning creative too.

If you want to start turning heads and building more belief in your brand, you can trust us with your story and we promise to help your product shine.

Join us…

Over the years we’ve collected enough insight to really know what gets you seen on shelf and how to make people fall in love with your brand story. Join us to get insights and practical tips on all things brand building…straight into your inbox.

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