Gin of the Rising Sun

Noto Gin Packaging

How a strong brand identity and engaging packaging design helped launch a new Gin in two very different markets, thousands of miles apart.

Having developed his Gin using botanicals local to the Noto peninsula in Japan, Yuki Matsuda was so passionate about his distinctive product that he wasn’t looking to sell it just in his home country of Japan, but simultaneously launch it 6,000 miles away, in the UK. Into an established and highly competitive Gin market.

Always ready for the challenge, we loved that fact that his brief was to create a unique packaging design that would appeal seamlessly to consumers in both countries.

Our bold and distinctive brand identity is balanced with beautiful illustrations that reflect the provenance and authenticity of this unique Gin. While an intriguing bottle shape adds to the in-hand experience.

The Power of Packaging Design

In the two weeks pre-launch, more than 600 bottles were sold – with very few people having even tried the Gin.

Since launch, Noto Gin has won two prestigious local design awards in Japan.
– Good Ishikawa Brand 2022
– Ishikawa Eco Design 2022 Grand Prix

And the gin packaging has just been awarded a Best Design award from DesignRush

“From the first design concepts, I could see how fantastic my Noto Gin packaging design was going to look. The carefully crafted design has produced a gorgeously artistic bottle which does an incredible job of enhancing the quality of the overall package. It is the magic of art, indeed.”
Yukimasa Matsuda. Founder

Check out the stunning video we created in collaboration with Future Proof Creative.

This is just the beginning for Noto Gin. Follow their journey on Instagram @noto.gin

Find out more about the project here.

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