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Gin of the Rising Sun

Having developed his Gin using botanicals local to the Noto peninsula in Japan, Yuki Matsuda wanted to sell his distinctive product in both in his Japanese home country and the UK, where he knew there was a rising market for uniquely flavoured Gin. He wanted an intriguing bottle shape with a brand and packaging design that reflected the provenance and authenticity of this unique Gin, that could seamlessly appeal to consumers in both countries.

Noto gin bottle packaging design
by Episode Two
Noto gin wood stamp
Noto gin brand logo
Noto gin website design on tablet
Noto Gin subway advert design
Noto Gin tote bag
Noto magazine advert
Noto stationery stamp
noto box outer packaging
Noto gin shop signage

From the first design concepts, I could see how fantastic my Noto Gin packaging design was going to look. The carefully crafted design has produced a gorgeously artistic bottle which does an incredible job of enhancing the quality of the overall package. It is the magic of art, indeed.

Yukimasa Matsuda. Founder

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