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Oil packaging design

If there’s one thing the team here at Episode Two share a passion for, it’s brilliant creative – especially in the form of brand identity and packaging design.
For our ‘Be inspired…’ series we’ve invited the team to share creative projects that they love, and we hope you find it inspiring too.

Here is our Senior Designer and all round champion of stuff, Hannah…

“I’m a secret foodie. I love cooking, eating out, shopping at deli’s and watching cooking shows on the internet. Over the last year, one product in particular has been sneaking into my favourite account’s kitchens – Graza olive oil. And boy, does it hit my design buttons!”

Illustration and Colours

“The packaging design illustrations are fun, hand drawn, indie comic style mixed with a retro serifed typeface, and paired with the muted colours, it fits the current foodie aesthetic perfectly. Authentic but modern, entertaining but high quality. The design ensures it will take pride of place on any countertop. Much like an Aesop product in your bathroom. Also, the colour-matching between the label and cap is a lovely attention to detail.”


“Olive oil is a major ingredient in cooking and chefs will often decant it into easy-to-use squeezable bottles. Graza’s matt green bottle gives it great functionality, but it looks decidedly un-fancy for a rather premium single-origin Spanish olive oil. This is of course done purposefully to reflect the brand ethos of encouraging people to enjoy using the product. ‘Stop worrying about wasting the good stuff’.
The names of the two products “Drizzle” and “Sizzle”, whilst being fun also help the consumer with the usage.”

Social Media

“There’s something to be said for the way this olive oil packaging has been designed, that it looks great on social media. The photography is always grainy as if shot on film and it has a vibe that’s chilled out. Just a bit different from what this market is used to. Sure, it may be trendy and having a moment, but for me I’d love to have it on my kitchen counter – please launch it in the UK, Graza!”

Graza Olive Oil is designed by Gander, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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