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packaging design for retail buyers

If you’ve read any of our blogs you’ll know that we believe a strong brand identity and engaging packaging design is crucial in building connections with consumers, but that’s only half the story…your product might not even get in front of a consumer until you’ve impressed the Retail Buyer.

In the FMCG world, retail buyers are the gatekeepers to getting your brand and products listed outside of your own website. Whether it’s an independent shop in your town, or a chain of highstreet stores, there will be someone you need to impress in order to get your products stocked.

These buyers are at the forefront of food and drink trends, and they know what consumers want from a category. Given their experience and industry knowledge, having a strong brand identity and engaging packaging design is crucial in impressing them.

So, here are just a few reasons why investing in the Power of Packaging Design is so important:

Brand Awareness

Ultimately retailers want to sell more product. A strong and consistent brand identity that resonates with their customers and encourages them to keep buying more, is a definite win.


The retail shelves (both in-store and digital) are crowded. Retailers want products that have something unique or different, something their current brands don’t offer.
Well designed and engaging packaging will help communicate your difference and make both the retail buyer and consumers want to find out more.


Don’t underestimate the importance of packaging functionality. How well your product ships, is stored and displayed are all important decision making factors for the retail buyer. Packaging that is easy to handle, stack and store makes the logistics side much simpler.

The great news for start-ups and challenger brands is that retailers have changed the way they work and are looking to list smaller brands with interesting stories and innovative products. You just need to make sure your brand and packaging reflects how great your product is!

Championing the power of packaging design to help more brands launch, grow and thrive.

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