Be the brightest flower

product packaging

Does your product packaging intrigue, pique interest, make consumers smile?

Does it grab their attention and stop them in their tracks?

Winning consumers eyes must come first.

Only when you have captured their attention, made them say ‘what is that?’ do you have the chance to engage them with your messaging and start to build an emotional connection.

It’s so tempting to cover packaging with all the information we think consumers want to know, but if they don’t even see your pack in the sea of brands, it’s all for nothing.

Packaging should be at the centre of a brands’ communication strategy. It’s what draws people in and starts the conversation, which is then carried on across other platforms.

So be single-minded with your packaging design and make sure your product is the one they see.

Cutting through the noise in-store and online has never been harder, as brands fight for consumer’s attention. If you have any challenges you’d like to discuss, we’d love to have a chat.

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