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Beet it Sport Packaging Design Range

How packaging design helped a brand already loved and respected by the world’s elite athletes, expand their reach to a wider more mainstream audience.

Beet It Sport is the most trusted natural supplement of the worlds sporting elite. It is backed by science and has been used in over 300 published medical and sports performance research papers.

They have carved out a space for themselves as the go-to brand for elite athletes and sports nutritionists, but their performance enhancing product range is equally effective for aspirational and recreational sports consumers – and they could see that this was a rapidly growing market.

With several well-known brands already in play, Beet It Sport knew that to reach this new audience, they needed a brand identity refresh and packaging re-design to upweight their sports credentials and really own the benefits of Beetroot’s natural nitrates.

Beet it Sport brand identity
Beet it Sport brand identity

“This is such a unique product, being both natural and scientifically proven. So, a key challenge for the sports packaging design refresh was to strike the right balance. Our final design truly embraces Beetroot whilst incorporating cues from the sports category which ensures consumers know this is a serious sports nutrition product they can trust.”

Rikki Payne. Creative Strategist at Episode Two creative design agency

Beet It Sport packaging design
Beet it Sport bottle packaging design
Beet it Sport packaging design
Beet it Sport gym poster
Beet It Sport logo design
Beet It Sport
Beet it Sport Packaging Design Range
Beet it Sport Packaging Design Range

“Beet It Sport is such a great product with scientifically proven performance enhancing benefits. We’re really excited to now have a look and feel that brings the power of the product to life and enables us to introduce the brand to a wider sports nutrition audience.”

Jonathan Cartwright. Beet It Sport Specialist

For more Beet it Sport visit their website or follow them on instagram.

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