Packaging design at the heart of your brand

packaging design at the heart

Does your packaging design reflect how amazing your product and your brand is? Is it intriguing? Does it make consumers want to discover more about you?

Your blood sweat and tears have gone into creating this amazing, potentially game changing product, but what next? You need the power of a strong brand identity and fantastic packaging design to engage consumers and trade buyers so your product gets noticed.

Packaging design is often the first element of your brand a consumer sees, which is why it should be at the heart of your brand. A physical embodiment of everything you stand for. Pumping your message and values out to all other touch points.

Design is an investment, but in our digital world, engaging consumers with a real-life
in-hand experience is truly powerful. Great packaging design will deliver significant ROI
– no matter what size or stage of the journey your brand is on.

We believe that a strong brand identity and engaging packaging design at the heart of your brand will elevate your products, build stronger connections with consumers and ultimately help you grow your brand – but don’t just take our word for it…

Noto Gin – a brand new product, our packaging design helped the brand sell more than 600 bottles in the first two weeks, with very few people having even tried the Gin!

Noto gin bottle packaging design
Noto Gin brand and packaging design by Episode Two

LivLife – our packaging redesign helped the brand drive a significant boost in sales; new listings in a major highstreet chain and triple their social media following.

LivLife Super Seeded Packaging
LiveLife Super Seeded Bread Packaging

Bickiepegs – this redesign helped them drive significant sales increases across all channels and double their distribution in a major supermarket.

Bickiepegs Baby Brand Packaging
Bickiepegs Baby brand packaging design by Episode Two

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